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This proposal for an office block in Bree Street Cape Town, originated with the idea of re-instating the group of buildings starting from 54 Bree Street, including th retention of the Art Deco building on the Bree and Bloem Streets Corner.

The group, made up of various pieces but joined in scale and material, is to form an unbroken linear entity relating to the street, just as the proposed tower behind it will form a contrasting, vertical, original expression in its own right.


Of the three streets bordering the development, Bree Street is the one sustained by pedestrian movement, being a main thoroughfare to the CBD from Buitensingel (Orange Street).  The main entrances to the building will be from Bree Street.

There will be a vehicular entrance on this side, which intercepts a parking level set halfway between the 5m level difference from Bree Street to New Church Street.

The presently boarded up fenestration of the Art–Deco building wrapping around from Bree Street is to be re-instated giving views into the ground floor retail space from Bloem Street.

The top four storeys of the tower step back and realign with the street grid.

Engineer: Henry Fagan & Partners

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